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Randomness: resentment and strugling

Image of the sunrise I assit everytime I go to the subway, to go to college. It's just relaxing and the best way to start a busy day.

Serious stuff:
Have you ever considered how ignorant and stupid people can be? Everyday someone gets on my nerves because of stupid things they always make stupid and sarcastic critiques about. Seriously... stop. It's anoying, makes you look ridiculous. How cool it can be? It's that jealousy or what? jeezz....

It's been a while since I posted something. Everyone should have one, it can be sort of "therapeutical" xD Some people adopt certain diferent things to make it work as therapeutical relaxation. It can even be excess of work. Personally, I like the self portait the most... oh and sometimes jogging (not too often this last week, though).

Today this post is full of randomness... I'm sorry. I'm tired and nothing new I can tell you, besides the fact that canalized water in my building have been cut for 2 hours, because there's a leakage. We have to substitute the whole canalization for a new one. It sucks...

(I'm having ideas for the next posts! crappy posts anyway lol) Bye


First of all... Say HI to my great friends, who I love from the botom of my heart!! Syl and Angel, April 11th 2009, girls night out, drink, dance, have fun, make funny videos with my cell phone while trying to speak russian and... that's all. I love these girls!

Syl, Angel and myself.

Looks like Marah challenged me to this cool kind of... game xD Let's do it! Portuguese only... I don't feel like translating it right now muahah

1. Pega no livro mais próximo.
2. Copia para o blog a primeira frase da primeira página e a última frase da última página.

Primeira frase da primeira página: (ome... o índice não conta! Fica feio xD)
"Neste primeiro capítulo pretende-se proporcionar aos leitores uma visão alargada sobre a evolução do marketing ao lono do tempo, os seus vários estádios de desenvolvimento, até chegar a uma posição relevante na gestão das empresas, assumindo uma postura pós-activa, centrada no cliente e vigilande face às acções da concorrência."

Última frase da última página:
"- e as empresas de logística capazes de assegurar a entrega física dos produtos no prazo e sítio desejado."

Por enquanto não vou desafiar ninguém porque não conheço muita gente por aqui :)

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