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"Sugarcoat" Bárbara Inês

Mais umas fotos de "looks" para a Bárbara Inês, blogger do Banging Fashion.

A few more look photos from Bárbara Inês, the Banging Fashion blogger.

"Winter Hymn" - com Dulce Vieira

Fui passar o Carnaval a casa, ilha Terceira, Açores. Não podia passar desta vez, tinha mesmo que fotografar algumas caras no sítio que me viu crescer. Foi um desejo concretizado, fotografar jovens mulheres que, a meu ver, se destacam naquela região. Foi gratificante e sinto-me feliz por tê-lo feito, finalmente!

Comecei pela Dulce. Já queria fotografar a Dulce desde que pus os olhos naquele cabelo magnífico.  Ela própria também sabe fotografar e conhece muito bem os seus ângulos e como uma sessão funciona. Foi muito fácil fotografar a Dulce e adorei o resultado. Aqui ficam as fotos!

I spent Carnival time back at my hometown, Terceira, Azores. I could not leave without photographing some faces from the land I grew up in. It was a mission accomplished, photographing young women that, in my perspective, stand out in the region. It was truly rewarding and I feel happy for doing it, finally! It was about time.

Starting with Dulce. I've been wanting to take her pictures since the day I lay my eyes on that gorgeous, long, dark hair. She also is a photographer, so she understands her best angles and she knows how to work a photoshoot correctly. It was very easy to work with Dulce and I loved the final results! Here are the photos!

Sara Mess - "Grunge Overseas" series

Finally, I got the chance to photograph this girl! I've been following her blog, Diary of Fashion for a while, and since then I always wanted to work with her. She has that edginess, class, diference and beauty all together and I love it! She is beautiful and she did a great job modeling for me.
Besides that, she is funny and very talkative. I could talk to this girl for hours and never get bored. I can't wait to work with her again soon! 

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