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Christmas II

I wish all my friends and followers a Merry Christmas!

Macro-ing Christmas is fun.

I got this since I was a baby. It's my favourite Christmas ornament ever. I wonder why :P

Christmas family postcard of 2010.


I just got the cutest little Christmast tree ever!

Tonight I made dinner to my closest friends, we played Monopoly, laughed our asses out and had an amazing warm evening, even though it's freezing outside. It's the closest to the definition of "family" we can get, while we're at Lisbon. I love you, girls*

Improvised session and 30STM

This is the result of a totally improvised photoshoot, including myself and my friend Anne Marie. At first we were just fooling around, and then she wanted the real deal. So here's the result, or at least just a sneak peak.

This is me, shot by Anne.


And here we are.

Now talking about another matter. Some months ago I posted something about 30 Seconds to Mars and what their intentions might be towards the world. I still believe they criticize the Elites and try to ironicly put that into lyrics. Well... it is really explicit in the new album, actually. They are not afraid, that's for sure, and thank God for these people.

The song that bothered me the most in this matter, from the new album "This is War", is "Hurricane". The lyrics are so explicit and yet confusing that I really didn't know what to think of it and what opinion I had about those guys. Finally, the video is out and thankfully it's another short film! It clears all the doubts I had, and I'm glad and proud to say it's a relief. They don't even insert the Kanye West part in the film... That must mean something, right?
But still, like once someone told me "Keep your head down, but beware."

Oh by the way... They use "Escape" in the beggining and "Night of the Hunter" around the minute 8:00. Combining with "Hurricane" makes my three favourite themes of that album, all together in one video. That's sweet!

So here's the short filme "Hurricane", by 30 Seconds to Mars.

They are having a show in Lisbon, 16th December. Guess who's going... alone or not, I don't care. I need to watch them live with this new work.

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