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Summer of 11 and self portraiture

I miss blogging about random stuff that no one cares about. I miss picking up my camera and carry it with me everywhere I go to shoot at random stuff. I miss the simple things, the pieces that when get together makes me who I am. I miss that. Among other things...

Stop the anger, the madness. Stop the hatred. Stop a whole class of bad feelings about someone, denegrating and destroying who you are and come clean. Just stop.

Anyways... basicly this summer has been good so far. It's been a hot summer, which means, a lot of beach time for me. I also have been doing some research on subjects about my thesis theme, and it's been fantastic finding the amount of information I gathered, and the number of diferent aspects about it. I couldn't be more excited and satisfied about it.

I also took another self portrait, and found a really good compilation of probably the first self portraits in photography history, which I found very fascinating and inspiring. Feel free to take a look and click HERE.

My favourite will have to be the first photographic self portrait ever taken! It's not in the compilation but there's the artist, by the name of Robert Cornelius. The year is 1832 and to me it's a perfect portrait.

Isn't it amazing?

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