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Now I'm sure

... I made the right decision by choosing Advertising and Business Comunication over Marketing Management. Edson Athayde is a remarkable Advertisor, travels all around the world, and today he went to my first class this morning to talk to us about the advertising world out there and warned us what to excpect. He asked us who had started a portfolio already, and a few raised their hands, including me. I was doubting if I had started it or not! Does my photography can be worked as part of my future portfolio? Probably... I may start to work on that really soon.

Other thing he made us think about was what are our skills on using edition and desing programs. It's really needed and the successfull ones are mostly the people who got these skills. I'm talking about programs such as Photoshop, Sony Vegas... etc. That made my day, as I'm totaly confortable with my skills, and I can improve even more... Perhaps a short-term design course would be a good thing to do, I'll work on that.

No silly pictures or at least interesting ones for today. I had some college work to be done, and it took me a while. Just a self-portrait I took yesterday for fun :)

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About the Blog title

"Lip Gloss and Black" is one of my favourite songs ever. Not only by the music itself, as also by the lyrics. Oh by the way, it's a theme from Atreyu. First time I heard it I was going through a confused stage of my life cause by problems in colege, loneliness; and made me believe that these feelings are not the end of the world, there might be a way to get though all of it.
My tattoo is a simbolism for that song, proving how important it is to me. It represents life and how brief and short it is, how important is to get the best part from living it. It's almost been a year after I've done it (21st March 2008), and over this past year I looked at it as a Proud Reward, on how I got through a lot of stuff, even though I don't speak about it too often, it's just too many bad memories...
The most important lesson this last year tought me was to never give up, and never lost you hope, above anything, because in the end everything makes it all up to you. :)

"Aren't you tired of being weak?
Such rage that you could scream
All the stars right out of the sky."
("Lip Gloss and Black" - Atreyu)

My Photography

Here's a few of my favourites, before starting to talk about photography or what so ever. I hope you enjoy, and please coment about it, it really means the world to me, as I'm looking to improve a lot hearing opinions and advices.

What Ever Happened

So it seems like it's my very first post ever! After years looking to another people's blogs and getting into theirs lifes and searching for my favourite themes, I (finally) decided to get my own running.
First of all, apologize my english. It's been years since since my daily english practicing have became into weekly or even monthly practiced. Anyway, don't mind on correcting any nonsense I might say. I'm portuguese but besides that I decided to write only in english for an amount of reasons, which the most important is to get my almost-perfect-english back! Other reason is so I can reach a bigger amount of people, and exchage ideas and thoughs about diferent aspects and themes.
That's all... and not trying to look like a narcisist person, which I'm not, here's some self-portraits, since my main hobby is photography.

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