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This is something I was dying to do ever since I saw Rosie Hardy's portrait, half under water. Rosie is my favorite fine art and self portrait artist and she inspires me everyday to improve my digital/portrait skills. 

This was also the first time I photographed myself with my new Nikon D610 and oh my goodness, it is good. I couldn't stop shooting with the remote; it was so flawless while focusing and shooting, and the results were perfect shot after shot!


Here are the before/after shots. I have to remind myself to save more examples throughout the whole process. I had people come to me before and criticize (in a good way) me to show more of my digital processing.
So from now on I'll try to share more information about this. For now I got 3 steps. The first I just fixed the skin and made a list of what I needed to do next which was add more flowing hair (since it was going to be "under water"), turn the color more dull and dramatic, add curves and fix the tones, shadows and highlights. Then then next step was all about texture: the water, the inside/outside water line, the splashing, adding the tones I wanted (the green shades) and match everything together. At some point I counted 20 layers. Oh and take care of the weird hair thing. I know it doesn't look perfect but the water line would hide a little bit anyway. And then there's the final result. All together took me 4 hours, and I honestly didn't even noticed the time flying by.

"Bubble Gum Morning" by Despe&Veste Clothing

New year, new faces, new projects. I was eager to photograph for Despe&Veste for so long, specially when I was told there would be two new faces, so that was exciting!

The partnership between me and Despe&Veste has been kicking for almost 1 year now. Words can't express how blessed and thankful I am for this opportunity. It has been a learning and growing year, as a photographer and I am truly proud of what I became.

This time we wanted a pop up of color, dramatic yet colorful settings, with the bubble gum twist and femininity. I think we nailed it! 
Here is the new collection "Bubble Gum Morning", by Despe&Veste clothing! And let me introduce you to the lovely new models Claudia Ribeiro and Raquel Martins! They were both very professional and very nice.

These were also the last photos taken with my Nikon D80. It's been a great camera, and t made me grow as a photographer. It won't be forgotten.
D610 is in my hands already! I will talk more about it soon.

"In My City" with Mafalda de Castro

First of all, I want to wish a very Happy 2014! May this new year fulfill you professionally and personally!

This is a photoshoot I did in November, with the lovely Mafalda de Castro, from the blog Last Time Around, but believe it or not, only now I had the chance and time to share it on the blog. Or maybe I'm just a lazy bug, who cares.

I worked with Mafalda before, so I knew it was going to be an easy task. She had new clothing from OBEY and she wanted new photos, with a soft urban edge. I guess we nailed it! I loved how the photos came out, and it makes me eager to work with Mafalda again in the future.

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