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The simplest B&W, with Bárbara Inês

How could I forget to post these??? The mood is absolutely amazing, romantic and soft, right before the storm. In those last photos you can even see some raindrops. Bárbara Inês, from Banging Fashion, beautiful like always.

Endless Bridge, with Bárbara Inês

My favorite photos of Bárbara, from the blog Banging Fashion, so far. I love working with this girl.

Ladies in White

This was one of my favorite days of my youth, so far. This was the first time participating at a bachelorette party and also photographing one. It was so special I can't even describe it.
These girls are all my boyfriend's friends, and they make me feel so welcome that it feels like I know them for years. I love them all, they are beautiful, funny and are not afraid to talk about anything.

Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the friendship. Vânia, the bride-to-be, loved it, and so did we.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day.

(By the way, Vânia got married last saturday to the love of her life. Congratulations! It was a beautiful wedding!)

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