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Christmas... again. Part II

It's been a lovely Christmas, specially since I got the most wanted for so long Playstation 3, Playstation Move included! I can't wait to purchase games I've been wanting for ages and never played due to the fact that my laptop is a sucker and it shuts downs whenever it heatens, and it gets really hot, so... gamming hasn't been part of my life for almost a year.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Lisbon, to spend the New Year's with my boyfriend and friends I keep there. Then I'm comming back to the island, and leaving them will be one of the hardest things I faced, but I'll come back someday.

Merry Christmas!

From the Christmas lunch.


Christmas... again

It's Christmas time. Again. And let me introduce you to my own little Christmas tree. Sponge Bob themed! It's just one of many Christmas 2011 photos to come.

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