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1st semester: CHECK!

Sweet 1 month class break!! FI-NA-LLY! Class are done for this semester, grades are OK... I actually hoped for more but it's fine. Now class wont start untill the end of February, so I couldn't feel happier than this. Now the only thing I have to focus is about my driving license. Boring, but I want it so bad.. Stupid me, because if I had it already, by now, I was driving my own car in Lisbon. It will happen someday but it could be happening right now. -.-'

It's been too cold around here! Time to take out my Uggs wanabees. And maybe it's time to make my photography progress a little bit. I've been busy with class and projects, but now that it's all done, maybe I'll photograph more. I miss that... the only thing that frustrates me is that Lisbon doesn't inspire me anymore. Some people might want to kill me right now... but sorry, it's a reality to me. Lisbon seams so plain and boring to me. I'll try to make it work anyways...
Other thing that I miss that I want to do really soon: photographing the sunrise, which also happens to be my favourite time of the day. It's just too beautiful to put it into words. Stay tuned... =)

Today I did something really funny that makes me and my roomates laugh untill now. I was bored so I picked up my camera and just started to shot anything. The kitchen, bathroom, my room, Catarina, even though she was getting pissed off at me for doing it and then I had the brilliant idea to get Catia's hamsters and just photograph them. Obviously, they didn't hold still, what made it even more fun. By the way, the white one is more caring than the brownish smaller one, wich couldn't hold still AT ALL, and wouldn't stop running. Here's the result.

Welcome 2011!

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope 2011 will bring us good prospects, either professional or private life. Many new projects, new enhancements, new good things in life above anything.

Expectations for 2011? I don't know. I don't even want to think about it. The only thing I wish the most is to be a lot better than last year. It was a good year, finished my college degree, found an amazing person... But still it was the darkest year in my life. I miss my grandmas.
So yeah, I hope 2011 brings me peace, tranquility. That's all I ask for =)

Soundtrack of the moment, first of many from 2011.

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