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Valentine's Day?

A simple gesture... made my day shine, and kept the smile on my face, all day long.

I love you. ♥

6 weeks later

It's been practically 6 weeks since the last post. Everything changed... Or at least I like to think it changed, for better. Everything is going pretty much good, no anxiety at all.
My job as a marketing intern is alright, and it can be fun sometimes.
Driving classes are starting next week, I'm done with so much theoric stuff.
Some of my friends woke up for LIFE and finally learned how to have fun and not waste any more time... well...

I'm happy =)

That's all I know. Oh and I started to pick up my camera and have fun with it again, along with friends, at some beautiful spots. So I'll be posting something new soon! For now here's a taste of our mood. (Catarina, Carolina and me)

Have you heard of my new awesome super FRESH, with constant news, some sort of "fan" (lol) page on Facebook? Feel free to join! Click on this picture.

I also have been doing a LOT of research on Tudor history. Not only in England (because I'm actually nailing it), but Europe aswell, at that particular era. I've been learning so much stuff... It fullfils me and inspires me in a way nobody will ever understand.

Tudor quote for the day?

"This is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes."
(Biblical verse reputedly spoken in Latin by Elizabeth I when she received news of her accession to the throne)

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