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Au Revoir, Paris

Four days in Paris, hundreds of photos and millions of great memories and emotions. I needed a trip like this, disconnected from the online universe and focused only in me, my loving one and the City of Lights. Paris, thank you for welcoming me in such a beautiful blaze. 
I am truly in love with this city.

For all my lovely followers, thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Birthday. Even though I was away from the blog world, it doesn't make any less special. Thank you! 

I am still on the process of choosing the best photos to share with you. I still need sometime to get the organized and beautiful. I can't wait to share!

Au Revoir! 

French Days

Today I'm landing in Paris. I am celebrating my birthday next to the Eiffel Tower, the croissants, Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame. 24th November, is my special day.
I'm coming back next 25th November, sadly enough. I will return to Lisbon, with lots of photos and memories.

Au revoir!

Warm in Paris

Tomorrow is the day. 4 days in Paris, starting tomorrow night, will definitely lift up my spirit, and inspire me in so many ways. Time to pack warm and comfy clothes, because Paris is in a freezing mood lately.

I hope it snows, though.

As a photographer, I find myself in a big trouble flying in a low cost company. I am taking my digital Nikon, obviously, and with it I am bringing my two favorite lenses: the 50mm and the wide angle 10-20mm. I can't make a decision between those two, it's impossible. 
And then I really want to bring my analog Zenit, since I loved the shots I took with it (you can read about it HERE). Hopefully I'll get it all packed perfectly. 
I can do this.

from: New Yorker 

 from: Primark

 from: Primark

cozy warm goodies from: Primark

Sequin Moonshine

Like I mentioned on my last post, 24th of November is right around the corner, and I always celebrate it with a special birthday self-portrait. Even thought it didn't came out as originally planned, the result happens to be really close to what I wanted, so it's all good. I was supposed to look happier, though.

The inspiration was sequin, light, reflection and black. And also Bruno Mars' "Moonshine".

Here is the BEFORE/AFTER piece. The BEFORE had already some skin editing and background enhancing (that's why it looks all fuzzy and weird, but it created a good texture, actually). After some curves, color adjustments, grain, sparkling on the sequin dress, light reflections and some subtle light spotlights... TADAAAA there's the final result.

I hope you like it.

Sequin Moonshine Inspirational Moodboard

24th of November is approaching at an incredible fast pace. It's my birthday, and I am a birthday person. Here is the inspirational board for my next birthday self-portrait! 

Between today and tomorrow I will be working on this one, and I feel quite stoked with my creativity, actually. Let's see how it goes.

Bruno Mars - The Moonshine Jungle Toor Lisbon 2013

Guess where I went last night??
Bruno Mars is awesome, and last night he "moonshined" Lisbon.

Thank you, Mr. Mars.

NOTE: I do not own these photos. 

Analogic Magic

A few months ago I purchased my first old school analogic camera, at a thrift fair in Lisbon. At first I was a little concerned wether it would work at all, but it was actually a good bargain so I went for it. It's been so long since I've been watching wonderful vintage photographs and I finally decided that it was time to get me some of those. It's a russian Zenit 11, by the way.

I got it in April from this year, and it took me too long to photograph with it and figure out if the film came out good. I went to get it today and it's amazing! I am so happy that it works that I don't even care about the imperfections it causes, like a yellow little stripe that is evident on lighter photos, but whatever. Now I know, I'm taking it to Paris with me next week!

Here are some of the photos developed, taken with the Zenit 11. Enjoy! 

"Favorite Maze" by Despe&Veste Clothing

This is something I produced a few weeks ago, but I've been lazy enough not to post about it or anything else. Bahhh let's get back to life, shall we? 
This time Despe&Veste had a new clothing line but for boys, which was completely new for the brand. It was exciting for me to photograph a boy for a change. it's been so long since I photographed the male species and it was a challenge but everything went perfectly well and I was pretty satisfied with the final result. 
I hope you enjoy! 

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