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What they say: The Teenage Royalty

The blogger Rita Silva, from the blog "The Teenage Royalty" just wrote a post about my last editorial with Despe&Veste

"I am amazed with this lookbook that Despe&Veste has created with the help of the photographer Marta Cabral" starts Rita, and by now I am thrilled of joy for being recognized this way.

Feel free to visit her blog and read this post HERE.

"Lucky Summer - Part 2", by Despe&Veste Clothing

This is the 2nd part of the photoshoot for Despe&Veste April collection. You can take a look at the 1st part here: "Lucky Summer - Part 1".

I love how this set turned out. I think I'm only getting closer and closer to what I idealize of what perfect photography is to me. My style, my own way of what an image looks like. I'm truly satisfied with this 2nd part.



Mafalda de Castro

Like I said in the last post, Mafalda de Castro, blogger from Last Time Around, won the contest that me and Despe&Veste put together. The winning prize was a complete photoshoot where the winner gets a full editorial, wearing Despe&Veste clothing.

Here is the result!

"Lucky Summer - Part 1", by Despe&Veste Clothing

Another collection, another photoshoot. As I already knew both models, it was a lot easier for us to produce this photoshoot. We knew the flaws and the best angles, and also we knew each other, professionally.

About the location... It was not supposed to be in this abandoned military facility but at an abandoned big restaurant. It was beautiful: the balcony and the big rooms provided a lot of natural, soft lightning, which was perfect for shooting. But then, as the girls were getting ready, a man claiming he was the legal keeper of the place told us we couldn't be there, because we would vandalize it. Seriously??? The place was a wreck, totally destroyed already. We were going to shoot in there, what could get wrong? Anyways... we left.

So, we went to this abandoned military facility, where actually was supposed to be the shooting location in the first place. And I'm glad we decided to go there in the end. The sun wasn't that strong anymore, so it gave me a very soft, summer lighting.

Also this time we had the pleasure to photograph the blogger Mafalda de Castro, from the blog "Last Time Around". Weeks before, we threw a contest where the prize was a complete photoshoot with the styling of Despe&Veste, and Mafalda won, so we took the opportunity to photograph her aswell. (I'll post her photos in the next blog post.)

Because we had to delay the photoshoot (because of the old man trying to ruin everything) we had to stop for that day, since the sun was going down quickly, so this is the 1st part.

So here is the final result! And first, a little behind-the-scenes video.

"Skies Don't Lie", by Despe&Veste Clothing

After the Mendigo Clothing photoshoot, this was the first clothing editorial I've done. The owner od Despe&Veste is an old college colleague, so it was very easy to talk about what she wanted the pictures to look like, and other details.

I was a little bit nervous, I'm not going to lie. Doing something this big is a heavy responsability, because we are creating the image of someone's brand. But it was easy and fun! The two models are really sweet and we got along easily. The location coultn't be better: the building was full of natural lightning and full of cool places, specially a huge terrace/balcony. I don't have any behind the scenes photos, unfortunately, but in the next times I made sure we had something for posterity.

So here is some photos from the February's editorial/catalogue for Despe&Veste, called "Skies Don't Lie".

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