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Mendigo Clothes Catalog

It's out already!! And I couldn't be more proud ^^ Check it out at: MENDIGO CLOTHES facebook

And I'm out to the beach!

See ya

Summer #14

This... is ridiculous. The Azorean sunset always amazes me, specially in the summer. Me and my parents letf home to go visit some family. I was bringing my camera, as usually, looked at the sky and was like "Are you kidding me... am I missing this sunset??"
My dad immediately started to drive to the oposite way we were supposed to, and told me we were driving to a place we could see it better. But then we ended stoping at the road side, so I could take some pictures, otherwise the colours would disapear. It was magical and I want to capture these colours properly. Go to the other side of the island, where we can see the sunset at it's 100%.
So... the picture for today resumes it all. And this was the story for today ^^

The quality isn't that great... I'm sorry. I was more excited about watching then capturing it.


Oceanário de Lisboa, Julho 2010.


Angelina Jolie with Shiloh and Pax, photographed by Brad Pitt.

Summer #8

Movie from last night.
Nothing more to say.

Summer #7 and some other things

I don't want my blog to get too boring... Is it? Let me know, please. Thank you.

I'm officialy graduated! As you might know that, and I'm taking a master's degree at Communication and Image, for 2 more years, at the same university facility. It's the best I could do right now, and then, if I still want to, I can take my 1 year course at Graphic Design. I'm excited! Some of my old colleagues are also attending so it would be nice.
2 years will fly so fast... Like the last 3 years at college did. Time flies so fast...

About my photograpy work... I'm seriously getting abnoxious about all the self portraits I've been taking. I need people! This summer I hope I can have some more oportunities, when it comes to photographing people. I can't promisse and won't promisse anything. I hate planning. :)

I'm going back to my hometown in Azores in the 23rd and I can't wait!! This summer will be great... I could really use some rest at Terceira. It will feel good and therapeutical.

Took a new self today, which makes the Summer Picture for today =) It was a lazy sunday.

There's nothing much more I could say for now... so... Bye ^^


Yesterday's image will be....

It was Cat's B-Day, so we went to see the new Shrek movie. Shrek Forever After. It's not as fun as the first movies... It disapointed me a little. If it wasn't for Donkey and the Puss in Boots it would just... SUCK.

But it was a fun day. Happy Birthday Catarina! =D

Summer #5

I went to Lisbon's Oceanary today. Best day ever... I'll go back there soon. Lots of imagens!! =D I'm satisfied...

Summer #4

And once again... Marta... you fail!!!
I didn't took any pictures yesterday but I'll just post something anyways.

So this is what I did last night: MOVIE TIME!
I missed the Underworld saga so damn much... So I watched the movies once again and last night I watched the third and last one, Rise of the Lycans. Because the Lycans kick ass!!

Summer #3

I knew I was about to fail! Passed a day... but didn't forgot about posting. So here's yesterday's Image.

Spent the day with the best college friends I could possibly meet. Ended the night with Anne Marie at the Hard Rock Cafe, just because... we can! It was fun ^^

Summer #2

Last college exam... last goodbye =)
(I'll probably see you again sometime anyway)

IADE 2007 - 2010.
Marketing, Advertising and Business Communication.

Summer #1

I'm about to start some sort of an "Image Everyday - Summer Project". And it starts TODAY! I'm tired of delaying something I've been wanting to do for ages...

So it's about my personal Summer. I'll upload a picture everyday, taken in the same day it's posted. Reflects my day, my mind, myself =)


(Eventualy... there can be some days I won't post anything, but I'll make it up in the following days.)

Starting.... NOW!



It's ending. 3 years full of memories, friendships, disappointments, happiness...

Someday I'll post a pretty one about these 3 years. For now I can only keep that promisse. Still a week to go... exams to do. Cya.

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