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London - Waterloo Bridge

London - Emirates Stadium

Because my boyfriend is a football fan, he wanted to see some popular stadiums in London, so we went to Chelsea and Emirates Stadium. Unfortunatly I didn't photograph much at Chelsea, besides the usual tourist ones, so I don't have anything to show. And the Emirates Stadium was my favourite, anyways.

London - Westminster Abbey

Kings, queens, statesmen and soldiers; poets, priests, heroes and villains - the Abbey is a must-see living pageant of British history. This 700 year old building feels as if it's enchanted. The architecture is beautifull and I wish I could show the inside, but it wasn't allowed for visitors to take any pictures. However, the inside will always be in my memory.

London - The Tower of London

This dramatic, marvelous and almost fictional place, right in the heart of London is magical. It was a fortress,  a palace, a prison, a royal prison also (Princess Elizabeth was inprisioned in the Tower by her sister Mary), a place of murder, executions and even misterious disappearances (such as the Two Princes). This time I was able to get into the Chapel Royal St. Peter ad Vincula, where still remains of some of the most remarkable executed people: 2 queens, traitors and political ministers and many more.

Even though its a place full of heavy energy, it's a must-go place to whoever visits London, and is an entusiast such as myself, obviously.

It's also where the oficial Crown Jewels are displayed for the visitors. No photographs though... it wasn't permited (booohhh), but just because of that, it is the saffest place in all England.

Enjoy the photos!

 The White Tower, the oldest fortress of the Tower of London, built by William the Conqueror, in the 1070s. Oh and me.

 Ravens are quite present in the Tower. Legend says that the kindom and the Tower will fall if the six resident ravens ever leave the fortress. It was Charles II, according to the stories, who first insisted that the ravens of the Tower be protected. They were cute! Very social, actually. I always thought that the ravens were quite lonely and not that interactive.

 This is a memorial to the executed in the Tower. The actual site for all three types of these executions was diferent - with a special scaffold and block being prepared each time - but all took place within a few yards of each other, close to where this present execution site memorial is now positioned. This memorial also recalls de death of seven other men and women to die on or near this spot. The most remarkable executions are from the 2 queens Anne Boleyns and Katherine Howard, both former wifes of Henry VIII.

This is the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula, where the the bodies of the executions remain. We got a chance to get inside after a brief explanation from the Beefeater. And inside he told us the most remarkable stories, with a sense of humour. 

 And it all ends with the Traitor's Gate. As clearly the name says, it was where the people to be inprisioned first came into the Tower, comming from the river.

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