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Christmas II

I wish all my friends and followers a Merry Christmas!

Macro-ing Christmas is fun.

I got this since I was a baby. It's my favourite Christmas ornament ever. I wonder why :P

Christmas family postcard of 2010.


I just got the cutest little Christmast tree ever!

Tonight I made dinner to my closest friends, we played Monopoly, laughed our asses out and had an amazing warm evening, even though it's freezing outside. It's the closest to the definition of "family" we can get, while we're at Lisbon. I love you, girls*

Improvised session and 30STM

This is the result of a totally improvised photoshoot, including myself and my friend Anne Marie. At first we were just fooling around, and then she wanted the real deal. So here's the result, or at least just a sneak peak.

This is me, shot by Anne.


And here we are.

Now talking about another matter. Some months ago I posted something about 30 Seconds to Mars and what their intentions might be towards the world. I still believe they criticize the Elites and try to ironicly put that into lyrics. Well... it is really explicit in the new album, actually. They are not afraid, that's for sure, and thank God for these people.

The song that bothered me the most in this matter, from the new album "This is War", is "Hurricane". The lyrics are so explicit and yet confusing that I really didn't know what to think of it and what opinion I had about those guys. Finally, the video is out and thankfully it's another short film! It clears all the doubts I had, and I'm glad and proud to say it's a relief. They don't even insert the Kanye West part in the film... That must mean something, right?
But still, like once someone told me "Keep your head down, but beware."

Oh by the way... They use "Escape" in the beggining and "Night of the Hunter" around the minute 8:00. Combining with "Hurricane" makes my three favourite themes of that album, all together in one video. That's sweet!

So here's the short filme "Hurricane", by 30 Seconds to Mars.

They are having a show in Lisbon, 16th December. Guess who's going... alone or not, I don't care. I need to watch them live with this new work.

23 years old. Part II

Bday picture. We look weird because we just couldn't act that serious... this was the best we could do. SUIT UP!!! =D

Thank you*

23 years old

It's my Birthday! And thanks to the country's bad economy and even worse government, people went on freakin STRIKE today, including transportation. No subway, no bus, no nothing. So I just stayed at home, with the best company ever... =)

A year has passed, and I never experienced a year with so much changes like this one, either good or bad. The end of a long relationship, founding someone more than special when less expecting, the loss of two of my dearest people - my loving grandmas - which I terribly miss, especially on this important day.
My graduation and staring my Master's Degree. Even changing to a new room in my apartment was a nice change to me, and I just remembered I have to take a picture of it someday... my bad.
Meeting new people that instantly became my friends, special and cool people.
Watched Muse for the second time (yes... it's that important).
Watched dolphins on their natural habitat.

There's still no Birthday picture, since all I did was watching movies with my bf and just relax a little bit. This feels like a lazy sunday... We were supposed to go on a date, but since the transportation is all messed up we decided to go tomorrow. =) It's still a surprise... He's taking me. yaaayy

So the new picture will come tomorrow. I promisse.

It was a nice day though... I want to thank all the people that remembered my special day. Phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, everything. Thanks everyone. It really means a lot to me. I love you*

Soundtrack of the moment.


Here's a taste on how most of my evenings on working days are spent. Coffee espresso, McDonalds, friends untill class starts. I love my life.


Almost a year has passed since my last Wishlist. It worked, since now I got about 80% of the things I wished for. And since my birthday is in a month (24th November) and since Christmas is also almost here I decided to make a new one. The main thing I wish for is to BLOG A LOT MORE! Jezzz... this has been abandoned, for no reason at all. Anyways... Let's get started.

Left2Dead 2

Alone in the Dark

Assassin's Creed (I and II)

A Brief History of the Tudor Age

A Herança Bolena

New ink

The expensive dreammy treasures:

XBOX 360

Nintendo Wii

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8

Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8

(Am I dreaming too much? Enough with the too expensive stuff.)

iPod Nano 8GB

iPhone 4(dremmmiiiiiinnnnggg...)

Canon PowerShot SD980

And I suppose that's all. For now. =)
Me and Cat switched rooms. I'm really excited about my new room! At first I thought I wouldn't like it too much but then I got used to it. I'll show some pictures later this week... hopefully. Bye.

Back to Reality

September has gone too fast. Summer is ending, I'm back to Lisbon, back to the real world, which was waiting for me.
I'm excited about starting my Master's Degree, which means I'm back to college, to my classmates/friends I love, even though there's a few left behind. Good luck for them in this new path of life (wich is the nice way of saying "getting a job", or getting their master's degree overseas). We love you and you will be missed! But... untill then we can still be together and just enjoy.

By the way... welcome Class of 2010/2011! =)

(from left to right: Sassá, Ana, myself and Sara.)

What it comes to work, throughout the summer I've been working on the first flyer for my uncle's new Hotel, opening to the public on April 2011. It was truly an honor to me to work on it and it made me really proud of myself. He liked it, the whole family did. I'm happy about it and I can't wait to work on more stuff like that.
About my photography, I know I always say the same crappy stuff, but I'll really try to work on some projects I've been planning. People came to me already, to be photographed by me, so what am I waiting for?


(I might work on some kind of signature or whatsoever to end my posts with style lol)

Summer #16 is a shoutout for calmness

Self-portrait. August 2010.

I need some calmness. Everything is always such a rush. Life is short. Enjoy more... there's no need to rush things... Sometimes I wish to be inside some images and forget about everything. I want those images to my self. Enjoy.

Soundtrack of the moment.

Ray de Lumiere

Sunshune Alley

Hazey Days


Spring Realm


s xx 37


In the wind

the magic of gereba

e q u i l i b r i u m

Summer #15 is a big one!

I haven't been busy with work at all. Still no projects, or portrait photoshoots or whatever. I'm just enjoying the best part of my summer. But now the fun and loving part is over... time to spend some more time shooting and keep my mind busy.

Yesterday I went on a "roadtrip" around the island. We went out for the whole day, stoped at a couple of times to swim and dive on the sea and had a pic-nic at a place I haven't been at for almost 10 years: Monte Brasil.

It was fun... obviously I took lots of pictures. So this is a Summer project big post, since I've been aways for the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

2 weeks... and I'll be there.

The first one is my favourite. Probably one of my favourite shots all time.

Can you believe this sunset...? Barely no editing. I promisse!

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