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"Green Wonderland" by Despe&Veste Clothing

This is probably one of the most beautiful set/post so far on my blog. This is about Despe&Veste's new Kimono collection, and we wanted the photos to be romantic, girly, magical and soft so there is no better location than a beautiful garden. I was dying to photograph at this location and this collection was perfect to serve as an excuse to go there. It has gorgeous trimmed mazes, old little chalets and a gorgeous water fountain, abandoned but never the less, beautiful. It had so many different backgrounds that I never knew how and where to begin. 

I want to thank, once again, Despe&Veste for always trusting in me for it's own image. The chemistry is awesome and we work perfectly together. Our model was Cláudia, a very distinguished looking girl, with the exotic look I love. She is a professional, she knows herself very well to understand how it works better on camera, and I love that.

So here it is, the "Green Wonderland".

Indoors Light Experiment with Sara

Last week, I asked my dear friend Sara if she would be my "guinea pig" for an indoor portraiture try out. Recently I purchase a small, portable softbox to get around my external flash and I really wanted to use it more and see what it can do. I wanted to use someone else besides me because it is a lot easier to watch the results and fix the details quickly.

Also, I wanted to try this new background I got. The fabric was so stained that I knew I had to take it home with me, and it works perfectly.
Here are some of the results; I worked to get a romantic, glamour feeling to it. People loved it on social network and I hope I made Sara realize how beautiful she really is. I want to thank her for her patience, and our friend Ana also, she was a lovely assistant! This is shows that with a very low budget everyone can achieve anything they want, you just have to be creative.

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