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Why do I love notebooks this much? Because I make list of everything all the time! Besides the fact that they are cute and there's tons of diferent shapes and looks, it's just the perfect combination for my lists, and my random writings, notes and sometimes, secrets.

I got 2 new ones for my Bday. The first one Catia (my house mate) got me. It's gooooorgeous. The second one is a 2012 agenda, a gift from my boyfriend. They both knew I was "flirting" with this kind of notebooks. Enjoy.

My special day

For my birthday me and my loving boyfriend went (again, because we can never get enough of it) to the Lisbon Oceanarium. It's a magical place. We went there on the day before since the national strike goes on my bday, and I'm not able to go anywhere. Bahh... But it was fun. Took more pictures, with my new lens!

Happy Birthday to me! 24 years old... on the 24th. Once in a lifetime.

Look! I was on TV!

Yep... I got interviewed for the regional TV, via Skype since I'm in Lisbon, and I couldn't feel happier. I'm also so proud of what I achieved and this was the ultimate proof that makes me believe in anything. I want to thank everyone involved, especially (the show) and Tatiana Ourique for being a doll and inviting me. Obviously I want to thank my precious family. Making them proud is my goal, and last night I did it. My best friends who, besides the distance, they are real and still live in me, and I still love them the same no matter what. A huge thank you. =)

My friend took a still from her TV, so this is the best I get for now. Tomorrow they will post the whole show online, so I'm taking more stills from it.

The Tamron is here

Behold my new work tool! =D Tamron 17-50mm 2.8f. The reviews couldn't sound better, the sharpness is amazing... I'm in love. It is probably just what I needed to improve what I do best. =) New pictures will come... I promisse.

Here's one of the first pictures taken with the Tamron. The sharpness is clear.

Jo Totes

Today the delivery man got me my Jo Totes bag! Also, today I'm waiting for my new Tamron lens, and I wasn't expecting the bag untill next wee so the delivery man has no ideia how he brightened up my day!

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