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What Ever Happened

So it seems like it's my very first post ever! After years looking to another people's blogs and getting into theirs lifes and searching for my favourite themes, I (finally) decided to get my own running.
First of all, apologize my english. It's been years since since my daily english practicing have became into weekly or even monthly practiced. Anyway, don't mind on correcting any nonsense I might say. I'm portuguese but besides that I decided to write only in english for an amount of reasons, which the most important is to get my almost-perfect-english back! Other reason is so I can reach a bigger amount of people, and exchage ideas and thoughs about diferent aspects and themes.
That's all... and not trying to look like a narcisist person, which I'm not, here's some self-portraits, since my main hobby is photography.

Fell free to search for my links :)

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