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2010 parte II

So... We're in 2010, right? Which means: "what-to-do" list. And mine is GIGANTIC! And I'm seriously willing to acomplish all the tasks.
I will publish my list later, maybe tomorrow. (Going back to Lisbon tomorrow, by the way... bleh)

Things changed around here, we miss her, we're happy for her, We love her =)

I just got a page and I'm got so inspired since I started! There's a lot of images, a lot of simple and emotional thoughts that can inspire instantly. I'm loving it!
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So... Going back to Lisbon tomorrow, back to college for a month and 2 weeks of work and projects. Gotta get it done. But hey, I'm inspired and optimistic about the artistic side of me, which I barely know about, actually... lol

“Pray to your god, open your heart
Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of the dark…”

30 Seconds to Mars - Night of the Hunter

This is amazing...

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