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So it's been a week since my vacation started. What was suposed to be a nice, relaxing and out of stress vacation turned out to be a dark and sad one. I'll post about it later.

In the main while, I stayed at my cousin's place, so I could take pictures of her in the next day. It was so fun, and I can't wait to do it again.
Renata is so... HARD to photoshoot! OMG! She laughs, makes faces, does not take it seriously, not ever! Which makes it all fun, right?

Here's a selection of my favourites, diferent editions. Enjoy.

This is my favourite one. Looks really relaxing. She is a wonderful model =)

4 comentários:

  1. a tua prima e gira :D

    ah by the way as fotos tao mt fixes!

  2. eu adoro adoro adoro a primeira foto
    gosto bue da expressao dela, ta com uma liberdade brutalissima! :D


  3. só tenho pena de não lhe ter dito nada quando tua avó morreu,fui demasiado selfcentered e unreliable.
    é linda.

    e ya escrevi isso depois da minha ultima entrada no blog,nao significa que deixei de me preocupar



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