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Summer #15 is a big one!

I haven't been busy with work at all. Still no projects, or portrait photoshoots or whatever. I'm just enjoying the best part of my summer. But now the fun and loving part is over... time to spend some more time shooting and keep my mind busy.

Yesterday I went on a "roadtrip" around the island. We went out for the whole day, stoped at a couple of times to swim and dive on the sea and had a pic-nic at a place I haven't been at for almost 10 years: Monte Brasil.

It was fun... obviously I took lots of pictures. So this is a Summer project big post, since I've been aways for the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

2 weeks... and I'll be there.

The first one is my favourite. Probably one of my favourite shots all time.

Can you believe this sunset...? Barely no editing. I promisse!

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