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Back to Reality

September has gone too fast. Summer is ending, I'm back to Lisbon, back to the real world, which was waiting for me.
I'm excited about starting my Master's Degree, which means I'm back to college, to my classmates/friends I love, even though there's a few left behind. Good luck for them in this new path of life (wich is the nice way of saying "getting a job", or getting their master's degree overseas). We love you and you will be missed! But... untill then we can still be together and just enjoy.

By the way... welcome Class of 2010/2011! =)

(from left to right: Sassá, Ana, myself and Sara.)

What it comes to work, throughout the summer I've been working on the first flyer for my uncle's new Hotel, opening to the public on April 2011. It was truly an honor to me to work on it and it made me really proud of myself. He liked it, the whole family did. I'm happy about it and I can't wait to work on more stuff like that.
About my photography, I know I always say the same crappy stuff, but I'll really try to work on some projects I've been planning. People came to me already, to be photographed by me, so what am I waiting for?


(I might work on some kind of signature or whatsoever to end my posts with style lol)

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  1. Parabéns prima pelo bolg :)
    Continua com o bom trabalho

    Filipe Cabral


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