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23 years old

It's my Birthday! And thanks to the country's bad economy and even worse government, people went on freakin STRIKE today, including transportation. No subway, no bus, no nothing. So I just stayed at home, with the best company ever... =)

A year has passed, and I never experienced a year with so much changes like this one, either good or bad. The end of a long relationship, founding someone more than special when less expecting, the loss of two of my dearest people - my loving grandmas - which I terribly miss, especially on this important day.
My graduation and staring my Master's Degree. Even changing to a new room in my apartment was a nice change to me, and I just remembered I have to take a picture of it someday... my bad.
Meeting new people that instantly became my friends, special and cool people.
Watched Muse for the second time (yes... it's that important).
Watched dolphins on their natural habitat.

There's still no Birthday picture, since all I did was watching movies with my bf and just relax a little bit. This feels like a lazy sunday... We were supposed to go on a date, but since the transportation is all messed up we decided to go tomorrow. =) It's still a surprise... He's taking me. yaaayy

So the new picture will come tomorrow. I promisse.

It was a nice day though... I want to thank all the people that remembered my special day. Phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, everything. Thanks everyone. It really means a lot to me. I love you*

Soundtrack of the moment.

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  1. Passei por uma fase dessas o ano passado... grandes mudanças! Mas fez me muito bem, e pelos vistos a ti também! =)



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