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Look! I was on TV!

Yep... I got interviewed for the regional TV, via Skype since I'm in Lisbon, and I couldn't feel happier. I'm also so proud of what I achieved and this was the ultimate proof that makes me believe in anything. I want to thank everyone involved, especially (the show) and Tatiana Ourique for being a doll and inviting me. Obviously I want to thank my precious family. Making them proud is my goal, and last night I did it. My best friends who, besides the distance, they are real and still live in me, and I still love them the same no matter what. A huge thank you. =)

My friend took a still from her TV, so this is the best I get for now. Tomorrow they will post the whole show online, so I'm taking more stills from it.

2 comentários:

  1. Parabéns Marta! Não tive oportunidade de ver a entrevista, mas mesmo assim fico feliz por aparecer na TV :)

  2. Fogaça pra cima! =D Muito obrigada Bruno!


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