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England: part I

What an amazing trip! London is absolutely magical, definetly a place everyone should go at least once, because I want to go back there again.

The trip started at the 2nd of July and I stayed in London for 3 days with my cousin, who actually lives in England (in Mildenhall), then on the 5th we went to Tenerife, to catch some sun and relax a little, and then get back to England on the 12th and stayed there untill the 17th. So, as you can imagine, it was really good, my cousin was delighted and so was I. We had so much fun.

I went to diferent places, went to some places I wanted to go for months, meet new people... It was so worth it in everyway possible. I want to thank my cousin and her happy family for having me at their house, for all the joy they gave me everyday... for this amazing experience. I will definetly come back! =)

A dream came true, when I visited the Windsor Castle, specially the church, since it's in there where great names of the Britaning history is buried there, and most of them belong to the Tudor age. Everyone that knows me, also knows my never ending passion about the Tudors and everything related. So yes, I'm a geek about it, and I am proud! =)

So of course there is lots and tons of pictures! I will post some of them in diferent themes, so for now here's some pictures from the typical London sights.

Say HI to my lovely cousin Lisete! When she picked me up at the Luton Airport.

Our Hostel St. Christopher's Inn. It was actually nice... but way too weird for a first experience at a hostel. You don't even want to know...

London Bridge, the closer tube station to the hostel.


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