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Going back and my ancestors

I'm going back to my place in Lisbon tomorrow (wich is today... since it's already, blehh..), and flying in the 11th of September is kinda creey. Just sayin'...
Another summer break passed by, and it happened so fast that I still haven't knowledge it that well. I can't believe we're in September and a whole other season, a diferent one, is waiting for me. God permit that I succeed finding an internship, at least, or it would be awesome to get a job right away. But oh well... these times are harder than ever. Oh and may my research for my thesis goes well! I'm scared to death but excited about it at the same time.

One thing I always miss once I go back to Lisbon is the Azorean sunset... I never get tired of the amazing colors that it provides to the azorean people. These little details... people should be thankfull for them. I know I am...

Another super cool thing that I found this summer was that my dad's uncle and aunt have been keeping this pretty old photograph, taken probably in the 1910's (not sure). This is my great-grandfather's family, while he was still in the USA. Words cannot express the amount of feeling I had while looking at this photograph for the first time, the original frame on the wall!
We see a lot of old pictures online and stuff and feel amazed, wondering about the story behing it. But when we get to see the original with over a 100 years old, right in front of us, with our ancestors in it, it's a whole other feeling.

So to keep that image forever and ever for me and my family I took a picture of it and restouched it on photoshop, just to delete some mold spots and stuff but it's really well preserved for it's age, believe me.

So... my great-grandfather is the guy standing, in the right. The rest are his brothers and sisters (except the lady standing next to him, she's a cousin), and his parents. How cool is that!

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