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I guess everyone knows how passionate and what an enthusiast I am about the English royal history and monarchy. I've been collecting information, gathering stories and revelations from some periods, and it has become other hobbie, apart from photography. It's something I cannot explain but the only thing is that is thrills me knowing so much, by myself. The Medieval and Renaissance periods are my favourite, including every movie or shows that are up to these particular subjects.

So I read a lot. May it be historical, novels, biography... I've got a little bit of each of these matters. I planned to take this picture, because it's not only books; it's my hobbie, one of my favourite things to do, and I am proud of my little but precious collection.

The first thin booklets, I got each one of them in the respective places which they are about. In left-right order I got: 
- "The Hever Castle"
- "The really useful guide to Kings and Queens of England" (bought in Kensington Palace)
- "Experience the Tower of London"
- "Discover Kensington Palace"
- "Explore Hampton Court Palace"

Then there's:
- the whole story of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII", by Antonia Fraser
- "Elizabeth", by my favourite historian ever, David Starkey
- the controverse "Sex in the Elizabethan England", by Alan Haynes
- a book that I got in a thrift story in England - "Costume and Fashion in Colour, 1550-1760".

The next set are from Philippa Gregory, a well-known author from novels such as "The Other Boleyn Girl" (I also got this book but left it back in my hometown), which was recently adapted to the big screen. She is obviously a favourite.
- "The Lady of the Rivers", "The White Queen" and "The Red Queen" are being produced as we speak to fit in a tv mini-series and I cannot wait!
- "The Queen's Fool"
- "The Virgin's Lover"
- The only 2 books missing because I left them in my parents house are "The Other Boleyn Girl" and "The Boleyn Inheritance". I only need "The Constant Princess" to fill in the whole Tudor Court Novels by Philippa Gregory.

The only book I got in portuguese is "Elizabeth and Mary, Cousins, Rivals, Queens", by Jane Dunn but I don't like it when I read this kind of books (or any book which takes place in the ancient english history) in portuguese. I find it a lot more exciting when it's in the native language. Besides keeps my english from getting rusty.

The last one was also thrifted, "Edward V, The Prince in The Tower", by Michael Hicks.

It's a little bit hard to see, but in front of the "The Six Wives of Henry VIII", there's a Tudor Rose, made of some heavy and hard metal that I don't really recognize. It was thrifted, in the same store was the other 2 books were bought. I got mesmerized with I saw it in a little corner, and I immediately got it to myself.

So there it is. I tried to brief an explanation of my books, I really did. Sorry for the nerdy excitement!! 

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