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Thank you 2013

5 months went by, and so many things changed for me, for good. I've been having new photography opportunities that I've never thought I would. I've been learning so much that I thank God each day for all the blessings and the visible evolution of my work.

"Despe&Veste" is a brand foccused on recyclying old clothing into mainstream and fashion pieces. I've made a partnership with Despe&Veste, where I get to photograph the collections for free but, since it's a very visible shop, specially on Facebook, I get to have special promotion of my photography brand. Many fashion bloggers have already approached me for photography works, wich is amazing!

Apart from that, I'm still working in Marketing, still an internship but at least I've got it.

I decided to pick up my blog again, Helps me to document my work and special pieces of my life. Stay close because there will be a lot of posting from now on! At least a lot more than before.


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