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"Pure Summer - Part 1", by Despe&Veste Clothing

Time for a new collection of Despe&Veste and a new awesome photoshoot at the beach! Just by that you can imagine how fun it was, and the result was pretty satisfactory. It's amazing when it ends and we get that feeling of achievement; the final editorial work is getting closer and closer to what I always wanted to do. I loved it.

It was sunny and hot, and there was plenty of beautiful backgrounds at that beach, so creativity wasn't a problem, not for me or the models.

As I was shooting an outfit close to the sea, my beloved Nikon D80 got stuck at some point. It really frightened me, and got me really upset, so we had to end the shoot earlier. In the next day I fixed it, thank goodness, so we ended she photoshoot in the next week, which was last saturday.

First, here is a behind-the-scenes little video and then the final editorial result! Enjoy! 

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  1. Love it!! Amazing pictures

  2. Adorei o post, boas fotografias, são lindas! :o <3
    Nomeei-te para o Liebster Award, está no meu blog.
    Alguma coisa podes perguntar, Beijinhos :*


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