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Carolina & Philippe - Engagement Series

This is definetly something new to me in so many ways. It's a diferent subject from what I am used to photograph, but surprisingly I fell in love with engagement and couple photography. It's also diferent for me because producing these photos I achieved a mix of so many emotions that I can't even describe. Nothing in the world gave so much joy and pleasure than photograph and editing their photos. I smiled, I laughed, I even cried, because the feelings were so strong I couldn't help myself, and I am a hopeless romantic so go figure.

Carolina has been my friend for 10 years, and when I met Philippe as her boyfriend I knew they were meant for each other, get married and have cute babies. When they got engaged my heart was too weak for the amount of happiness I felt. She will be the the first friend I get to see getting married and I couldn't be more proud on how beautiful, strong and amazing woman she became.

So I decided to gift them with the Engagement photoshoot, once I got back to my hometown in the Azores for a little vacation. They loved it and I can't get enough of their compliments and love they are giving me.

Here it it! 


4 comentários:

  1. Adoro todos os dias!! Está fantástico!! Parabéns aos meus afilhados e padrinhos mais lindos!!hehe És um talento Marta, parabéns!!;)beijinhos

    1. Ahahah Ouvi dizer que os padrinhos também são um espectáculo! Muito obrigada Vânia! =D

  2. Olá Marta!

    Eu adoro fotografia!

    Também não conhecia o teu trabalho e adorei espreitar! Já tinha ouvido falar, mas nunca tinha cá vindo! :)

    Adorei a última foto, está linda, foi a que me transmitiu mais sentimento!

    Muito obrigada pelas palavras sobre o meu blog, fiquei muito contente! :D

    beijinhos, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

    1. Oh que linda, obrigada por teres vindo cá visitar! =D Mega beijinho!


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