photo 1_zps84e06ae4.png  photo 2_zps659de009.png  photo 3_zps904ab323.png  photo 4_zpsaefaf15f.png  photo 5_zps3cf3a571.png  photo 7_zpsc515459f.png


This might be one of my favourite self-portraits/fine-art works I've done in a long time. And I understood at last that my favourite characteristics are powder, steam and smoke, and I will continue to add these features in the future.

Here is the "Before/After" combination. I think it is important for people to share the "Before" pictures, so the viewer gets the idea of hard work and passion for this type of art. I feel no embarassement, whatsoever, to let you guys look at it. In this case, the "Before" picture already had a little steam texture and adition of hair flowing.

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