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Wishlist 2014

The time has come, for the 2014 Wishlist! As per usual, about one month before my birthday I always post my wishes for the upcoming months, since it's almost my birthday and Christmas. This year I am a bit late but still on time to share some of my personal wishes. Let's do this!

Starting with photography gear: the 85mm 1.8 and the 35mm 1.8.
Why? Quite simple. The 85mm is probably the perfect lens for portraiture. It's what I love to do and everyone in the portraiture business say that it is a must-have for portraits. It is also a plus for wedding photography when it comes to the details and dreamy portraits I love so much.
I discovered the wonders of the 35mm recently, when I started to search the best lens to travel and street photography. Even though it's a prime, it's still pretty wide for a catchy photo and it's small and light, perfect to travel. I am traveling soon and I must confess I am quite annoyed that I still don't own a good lens for that occasion. Maybe next time.

Next item related to photography has to be a Polaroid! I fell in love with the Polaroid Instant 300, color Red. I want to own one just because it's fun and it's amazing that the vintage is back in this new contemporary design. Having an album full of polaroids is my ultimate dream.

Done with photography gear stuff (I guess...). But there is one more technologic device I want, and desperately need. The brand new Huawei Ascend P7. It's been a couple months since I started looking into smartphones, and see what is the best in the market, I started to let go of the whole iPhone mania. There is no point! I get it now. And this is the one I am obsessed with, so far.

Let's head up to fashion, clothing, this kind of crap that every girl loves no matter what. There is no point in denying.
So first of all, I want a pair of biker type black boots! Where can I get boots like this? Floopy on top! I love the look of biker boots, how comfortable they look, how bad-ass they look! My kind of thing.

Next we have an all time favorite, that will be on my wishlist forever: black lace. More is never too much.

And I am still looking for the perfect cowgirl boots. Timeless, fun, beautiful. I don't really care if they are "in" or not, I think it's amazing when the whole country look helps.
"Forget the glass slippers. This princess wears cowgirl boots." 

To finish the fashion theme, someday I will be rich enough to get myself an authentic Celine luggage bag. 

Next it's something that I will keep on the list forever, because I collect them. Notebooks, notepads, journals. Every type, every color, everything! I want them all!

I've been looking for photography related home decorations lately. I've got a few items and it's so much fun to decorate your home with something that you honestly love. I can't wait to get more. 
Last year I was really into UK themed decor and I still am, just so you know.

And let's not forget that Christmas is coming! And this year will be the first year I am decorating for Christmas. 

Still on the decoration theme... Has anyone noticed this amazing world map piece from IKEA? Am I the only one obsessed with it? I have the perfect wall just waiting for it.

New history books. Get me more because apart from photography, history is a main passion and hobby and this is probably something I barely share but it's a fact. 
"Bring up the bodies" by Hilary Mantel, "Wolf Hall" also by Hilary Mantel, "Margaret Beaufort" by Elizabeth Norton, "In Bed with the Tudors" by Amy License, anything by Alison Weir is also welcome... Oh God, I could stay here forever!

"The Art from Tangled", by the author Jeff Kurtti. The amazing book featuring the artwork of "Tangled", the conception and production of the final result. As a Rapunzel fan(atic), I need this in my bookshelf.

New ink. Still beautiful to me, and I still want a small and meaningful piece. The camera one is adorable. Next one maybe?

Another forever item in my wishlist: traveling. Still a lifetime achievement. Travel anywhere. There is no better way to get to learn, to feel free and happy. In a few days I am traveling and I am beyond excited. This time I am visiting a muslim country, and I will talk about it soon. On the line there is northern England and Scotland. Let's see what comes after that.

The perfect floating lanterns are still out there, I just need to find them. The fog hasn't lifted yet. Tangled fans will understand.

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