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I feel like changing things around here. Make it less personal, even though its hard for me to keep some distance between private stuff and writing on the blog.

Anyways... I will start my research for a new layout, since I'm getting tired of the old one. I can't wait to find a good one, make some changes to make it more "myself" and write everyday. (There goes the "keep it out from private life out of this" away...).

It's my birthday in 2 days people... 2 days! And I'm seriously freaking out! Because it always makes my wishlist grow up to 500%, I can't help it. And then i get disapointed because I always wish for expensive electronic stuff that I cannot aford. ehhh...

Take a look at my wishlist and accept the fact that I'm insane!

First... some random ordinary stuff I want to get (a.k.a. cheaper things lol)

And now the expensive dream treasures!!!

Canon MP 560 (WI-FI)

Sigma Objectiva 70-300mm

SIGMA Flash EF-530 DG ST


iPod Nano

iPod Touch

JBL Radial micro

Panasonic RP-HTX7

Samsung blu-ray BD-P1580


Nintendo Wii Black

Bamboo Fun A6WACOM

So yeah... it's pretty much it =)
I extend the list untill Christmas, of course!

Check out my new bookshelf! We found this cute piece outside. Someone wanted to get rid of it, but it looked too good to be thrown away so we got it a new place to live. It will get full really soon, I promisse!
Now my living room looks a lot more cozy and warm. It's amazing what a simple piece of furniture can make.

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  1. tenho uma wacom bamboo fun igualzinha aquela! ahahah XP

    sou igualzinha... agora que ta a chegar o natal... ja tou cheia de nervos, porque queria o iphone :( so que duvido que os meus pais me comprem... lol


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