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I love them! Sweet and yummy, I can never ever resist them. Do you like strawberries? I really like them but peach still is my favourite fruit. What's yours?
Feel free to use any of the pics above as a wallpaper.

I just feel like blogging about random stuff, everyday, several times a day. I might even start "vloging" (video blog)! I want to get a video camera, a good pocket one, and use it for personal "walktrough", or some kind of therapy. People say it helps a lot. I know self portraiture does... it's my favourite therapy ever.
I starting to realise blogging is a good therapeutical exercise, since you're exposing yourself, in a certain way. Some people blog about emotions, some about work, some about hobbies, etc. It's always something about theirselves. Otherwise there's no point about spending hours around this.
Like my Audiovisual and Multimedia Production's teacher says, I'm already slipping on the mayonnaise, wich means, I'm writing a lot, with practicly no interest or sense. I apoligize for that.

If you're some kind of interested in video bloging and stuff, here's a couple of YouTube channels, from vloging people. The ShayTards (a lovely and funny family, living in LA), and Charles Trippy and Alli (the most awesome couple ever, after me and my boyfriend, of course!).

ShayTards -
Internet Killed the Television (Charles Trippy and Alli) -

So, once I get my camera, I'll let you know. I'm looking forward to produce some mini clips, about random stuff. Who knows?

Today I recieved a Birthday Card from my uncle and aunt, and my little cousin and godson Rodrigo!! Everytime I get a card from them it's always fun and hapiness consume me. I love that little guy... He's 6 yrs old, 1st grade, just started to learn how to write and it's so much fun to watch his progress. His mother had to draw lins on the card so he could write his name. It's so cute!


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