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three objects

So... there's a LOT of new stuff I must write down before I forget, since it's been some very productive and nice couple weeks. My mom came to stay for a week! yaaay

I just got at least 3 new objects from my wishlist! yaaaaaayyy And hopefully heading up to 4! I love having my birthday a month before Christmas, a month full of happiness. (all photos taken by myself)

The first thing I got instantly was the last book from the Twilight Saga "Breaking Dawn". Yeap... I read it, and I seriously don't give a s#&t about what you think about it. At least I'm not a movie and character freak, like the actual 16 and 17 year old world population. Sorry. No time to explain myself and I don't have to. =)

The nest thing was "Mirror's Edge" and it's AWESOME! The only thing that bugs me out is that after like 20 or 30 minutes playing it, I start to get a bit nauseous. Tiago says it's probably because it's so bright, and the colors are too vivid. And yes, there's some action too, which makes the camera turn around a lot and stuff... Anyway, it never happened to me. I was starting to think I was getting epileptic issues or something similar. Yeck! Hope not... I've been playing Left4Dead 2 and didn't happen. It can only be the brightness.

Faith is THE girl.

The next, final and great thing I got was my new Canon printer! It's soooo efective, I love it! The quality of the printed photos is absolutly amazing, I couldn't stop printing random photographs lol it's insane.

All this thanks, particularly, to my mom ^^

Enough of personal wishing, materialistic stuff. My photography is clearly in stand-by, but it doesn't anoy me at all. I just feel like I've got a lot going on (or nothing at all), and I just don't feel too inspirational. Christmas hollidays are comming = going back to my hometown = new pictures, hopefully ^^

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