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Mendigo Clothes

Brand: Mendigo Clothes
Purpose: photography for the upcoming catalogue from Mendigo.
Date: 13th March 2010.
1st Location: S.Sebastião da Pedreira, Lisbon.
2nd Location: Sintra.
Photographer: ME!!

I finally did it! And it was AWESOME! wow what an experience! I want to give many thanks to Ricardo Santos, the owner of this new brand and also my classmate at college. He trusted me with this task, wich I was terrified of doing!
It was a great production. 6 models (3 girls, 3 boys), a stylist and even a caravan so the models could change and get ready!

So in Lisbon, sunny day! It was a hot day, and I even got my face burned. I realised it after I got home and took a shower. Felt like I just got home from the beach. Anyways... it was really productive, since I like to shoot outdoors, so the sun was my friend and gave me nice weather.

Sintra. The oposite. Windy, cold!!! Like... omg. I had my coat and I had another big coat on! I was sorry for the models, since they had to show the shirts and stuff, so obviously they couldn't get coats on. But it was fun, the last photoshoot. The day was ending, the sun was almost down so we had to hurry up with it. At the end we had to use the lights from cars to shoot the last scene, and it turned out to be really really cool!

It was hard work. 6 models. I had to shoot them as a group, and then individual. My head was hurting, my fingers almost droped off from the cold but HEY, it was fun, a great experience and I can't wait to repeat. There will be more of this ;)

And today i just got super excited so I'm trying diferent editions on the photos. It's hard, since I always use the edition to dramatize my photos, but this time it's all about adversiting it. But it is good to try new stuff.
I can't wait for the next session! =D

Because organising and editing photos is fun!

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  1. Parabens, é o primeiro de muitos,continua que vais longe.
    Stay well and keep that finger on the trigger


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