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They were:
my mothers
my friends
my angels
my guardians
my conscience
my partners...

My loving and caring grandmothers...

2010 has been a good year, yet sad and dark. I am hating it. I miss them.

R.I.P. my new two Guardian Angels.
(19 Feb and 15 Apr)

(My grandma Graziela's hand... I've got the same hands she had. The most beautiful hands.)

I'm taking a break on my photography work. Can't think of it, can't find inspiration for it, can't do it.

Um comentário:

  1. É complicado,de uma maneira que eu não consigo me meter completamente no teu lugar.
    Foi um bom ano,e os teus avós cuidam de ti.Sabendo isso caminha para a frente,inspira,deixa-te inspirar.
    Tenho pensado no quão mudaste desde que te conheci.

    és uma mulher.
    Keep the humor and keep the smile,get rid of the nail "trimmer"?ome,nail lima XD
    Keep IT,the fundamental piece of cloth in your life XDDon't wash it.

    I'm proud of who you have become:)*


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