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Summer #14

This... is ridiculous. The Azorean sunset always amazes me, specially in the summer. Me and my parents letf home to go visit some family. I was bringing my camera, as usually, looked at the sky and was like "Are you kidding me... am I missing this sunset??"
My dad immediately started to drive to the oposite way we were supposed to, and told me we were driving to a place we could see it better. But then we ended stoping at the road side, so I could take some pictures, otherwise the colours would disapear. It was magical and I want to capture these colours properly. Go to the other side of the island, where we can see the sunset at it's 100%.
So... the picture for today resumes it all. And this was the story for today ^^

The quality isn't that great... I'm sorry. I was more excited about watching then capturing it.

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