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Summer #7 and some other things

I don't want my blog to get too boring... Is it? Let me know, please. Thank you.

I'm officialy graduated! As you might know that, and I'm taking a master's degree at Communication and Image, for 2 more years, at the same university facility. It's the best I could do right now, and then, if I still want to, I can take my 1 year course at Graphic Design. I'm excited! Some of my old colleagues are also attending so it would be nice.
2 years will fly so fast... Like the last 3 years at college did. Time flies so fast...

About my photograpy work... I'm seriously getting abnoxious about all the self portraits I've been taking. I need people! This summer I hope I can have some more oportunities, when it comes to photographing people. I can't promisse and won't promisse anything. I hate planning. :)

I'm going back to my hometown in Azores in the 23rd and I can't wait!! This summer will be great... I could really use some rest at Terceira. It will feel good and therapeutical.

Took a new self today, which makes the Summer Picture for today =) It was a lazy sunday.

There's nothing much more I could say for now... so... Bye ^^

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