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"Bohemian" Photoshoot Teaser

Despite the fact of feeling sick, my throat killing me and the weather being cold as ice, which by the way is weird in portuguese June,  this was again a beautiful photoshoot. This time I worked with the usual Despe&Veste and also a handmade jewelry brand - Lovely Breeze. It was the first time meeting the ladies from Lovely Breeze and we instantly connected. Lovely people and so much fun to work with.

For this photoshoot we wanted the simple "boho" look, neutral and beautiful. I think we did a great job as a team and it went perfectly. We also worked with a new model, the beautiful portuguese blogger Bárbara Inês, from the blog Banging Fashion. Bárbara was a pro, and so easy to work with. A sweet girl, I was glad I got to finally meet her.

Because I was sick, I always got the impression I didn't give a 100% of myself, and I didn't. It was so frustrating to me because me and the girls have been talking about this photoshoot for so long and we all wanted it to be perfect. I did my best and the girls loved it. That is all what matters to me.

As been usual, here is a little video teaser and photos from behind the scenes. The photos are coming soon!

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