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Good ol' Super Nintendo and 100th Post

A few weeks ago, I ordered a new Nintendo AV Cable, since my old one wasn't making a good connection between the Super Nintendo platform and the TV. I could only play for like 5 minutes and then the image would have a lot of static. Resuming: it pissed me off. So I went to, hopping to get a new one but I was sure I was going to pay a high price for it. After a few minutes searching I found a cable plus two remotes (both generic, not official) for only $12.50 dls. ONLY! I didn't know we could find things like that online, that cheap.
I didn't need the remotes, but my mom is a doll and thought it would be good to order other 2, just in case...

I got it today, and it works perfectly! It just made my day... and week. Ok it probably just made my life worth it xD
Super Nintendo wow... I know you probably say it too but I'm a pro at Super Mario World. I would challenge you!

Btw, this was my 100th Post.


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