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Freixial 2011

A few weeks ago, me and some friends spent the weekend at a southwestern resort. It was amazing, definetly to repeat this experience.
In that particular week I had this HORRIBLE neck pain! I couldn't even move at all... I went to the emergency room one day before we had this trip, and I was convinced I wasn't going anymore because of the pain. Lucky me.. that in the first day I was still feeling pain, but in the day after the pain faded away.

Herdade do Freixial, Vila Nova de Milfontes. 1st to 3rd of April 2011.

Which means.... pretty images.

And the sexy people are:

Ana Cunha

Sara Costa

João Justo

Rui Antunes

And myself

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  1. ohhhhhh concerteza que é para repetir e muitaaaaaas vezes :D


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