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Hever Castle

I just realized I did the worst mistake ever... by not posting my favourite part of my trip to England, in July, last year! Excuse my language but WTF is wrong with me?? It's about my visit to Anne Boleyn's childhood home, the Hever Castle, in Kent. It was an amazing day, something I will never forget. It was indeed a once in a lifetime doing. 

I have to make a good one about it soon, because it's not acceptable!

Anyways... I was bored, swapping pictures and I though this one would look cool with a dramatic look. It's not perfect, there's a lot of rough edges, but I liked it enough to be my wallpaper. ehhhh

Hever Castle

By the way... I'm trying to improve on my signature, give it my own trademark, but make it perfect is a hard job! I admire the graphic designers work now... I made my own briefing, on how I wanted it to look and what I want it to reflex. I want it to look medieval, romantic, pretty and strong. Is that asking too much for a single signature? lol Or maybe I'm just bored and don't know what to do. 

I wish you a Happy Easter!

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