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It's finally here! My long waited Holga 60mm f/8 lens, for Nikon DSLR! It's fun to use, not to take it too seriously. It provides the photographs with that Holga look with corner vignetting and soft focus,something that amazes me in so many ways. I will be using it a lot, since I've got many special ideas for this one.

And here's some shots using the Holga lens. The day wasn't the best ever... Since it's f.8 it requires a lot of light, and the day was dark, and I didn't have the chance to stay outside much longer without pouring. But anyways... As usual, a feature using my favourite model ever: my dog Rock.

"Give me some breeeaaaad!"
"Stop whining and hold still!"

I will try to get more shots in the next days, I promisse!

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