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Planning London

I just realized how happy I get whenever I organize or plan my London trip, that I'm having in July with my dear boyfriend. Day after day there is always some detail I want to fit on my so tight schedule, and I make sure I'm not missing anything. After I'm done researching (may it be new places to visit or gathering info about a place we'll go), a wave of peace and happiness just flows. It just makes me happy. It's London... How couldn't I feel happy? 

Right now I was watching a documentary about Queen Victoria, the only queen (besides Queen Elizabeth II) who reached the Diamond Jubilee. I want to absorv as much information I can get, since I'm visiting the Kensington Palace, her childhood house. 

I was about to post something about her life, but it would take me too long. It's too exciting and dramatic to get it all in one post, so I might do it some other time.

Other favorite I can't miss is the most famous Hampton Court. I don't even know why I missed this place last year, but whatever, I can't miss it now. The palace that once Henry VIII gave to Cardinal Wolsey, and was later turned into the biggest court of all times... Sure it's magical. It's probably the biggest Tudor palace and a must-see to whoever is an English history enthusiast as myself.

The Sommerset house is just something I want to see from the outside, I'm not really looking forward to check out the inside apartments. At least not yet. It was a great scenery for some epic movies, such as The Duchess. It was home for the portuguese royal princess Catherine of Braganza, later queen consort to Charles II. This is much a Stuart House palace, and it's gorgeous.

Last year I visited the Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. This year I want to visit the Hatfield House, the childhome and favourite residence of Anne Boleyn's daughter and probably the greattest queen of all time: Elizabeth I. So yes, it should be exciting! Oh and it was also the set of some scenes of movies like Elizabeth: The Golden Age, or even the Lara Croft movies. Pretty cool, huh?

And that's all for now, because if I get too excited about this I'll keep rambling around historical and timeless stuff that could keep me writing for hours.

With this said, it's going to be a very interesting trip! Of course we're visiting the main attractions, obviously. Not only because it's my boyfriend's first time in London but because I can never get tired of it. So it's going to be EPIC!

Oh and I'm waiting for the Sigma 10-20mm to arrive so guess who's going to have so much fun photographing around London! 


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