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This was made for a contest in a group, with the theme "Behind the Mask" and so I thought it would be really cool do something diferent, without the usual and ordinary masks we are all used to, like the venetian ones. My main thought was the Phantom of the Opera mask! Of course! So I ordered the mask from eBay (it only cost me 1€, I swear... see how amazing eBay is?) and did this portrait.

And this is the Before/After.

The thing I notice everytime I post something online, is the feedback, whether is from Likes and comments on Facebook, Favourites and comments on DeviartArt, or Flickr, or whatever. This particular one didn't have as much feedback as my other work. I'm not complaining, it's just that I absolutetly loved doing this and I honestly think I did a pretty good job, trying to use Fine Art again. I don't know... what matters is our satisfaction with out work, right? =)

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