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J. Lo

It happened yesterday, in Lisbon, and it was literally EPIC! Jennifer Lopez @ Lisbon, where it was also the filming location for her new Live DVD, and I was there! I won't talk much about it, not only because it left me speechless but because the images speak for themselves.

Obviously I did not take my camera with me, I never do for live shows. I go to live shows to enjoy every second of it, a 100%. Bringing the camera with me cuts that excitement and the joy and thrill. And besides, there's pictures all over the Internet, and videos and everything! I just took this webcam snapshot before leaving home, with the golden ticket hehe

Jen is the bomb. I wish I look that good when I reach my 43 years old.

(Online photos from last night's show, in Lisbon. I will update with more soon.)

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