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"Oh Darling... Remember the Goodtimes", by Despe&Veste Clothing

Everyone knows how loyal and addicted to these girls and to this clothing store I am, so here's the new summer collection from Despe&Veste!!!
This time was a little diferent. Marta Dores, the brand owner, wanted to put out some ideias for something comming up really soon. I am also helping, obviously, and it's all comming together amazingly, and I can't wait to show you guys what it is! Did I sound a little douchey now, by teasing and leave it? haha Sorry, but you really have to wait!

The location for this photoshoot was at a gorgeous spot: a house with a big property, including a swimming pool, in the countryside and it was breathtaking. I love when the place gives me a variety of backgrounds, set ups and diferent props, so the creativity flows a lot more, resulting in beautiful pictures. The whole team was in a good spirit, the weather was fantastic, we had snacks so we were happy, haha.

Enjoy! "Oh Darling... Remember the Goodtimes", by Despe&Veste.

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  1. Buenas, enhorabuena por el blog, me gustaría intercambiar enlaces contigo y que nos sigamos mutuamente.
    Un enorme saludo desde

    Oi, parabéns pelo blog, gostaria de trocar links com você e nós seguimos um ao outro.
    Uma saudação enorme de

  2. Adoro o look vintage :) nice photos :D

  3. Adoro as fotos e claro, adoro a marca :)


  4. estão tao giras as fotografias :) Adoro o look analógico das fotos e os conjuntos, super fun!!

  5. Obrigada pelo teu comentário e fico muito feliz que tenhas gostado pois ainda estou a começar! :)
    Simplesmente adorei esta sessão e fiquei fã do teu trabalho.

    Já te sigo!
    Catarina ♥


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