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Warm in Paris

Tomorrow is the day. 4 days in Paris, starting tomorrow night, will definitely lift up my spirit, and inspire me in so many ways. Time to pack warm and comfy clothes, because Paris is in a freezing mood lately.

I hope it snows, though.

As a photographer, I find myself in a big trouble flying in a low cost company. I am taking my digital Nikon, obviously, and with it I am bringing my two favorite lenses: the 50mm and the wide angle 10-20mm. I can't make a decision between those two, it's impossible. 
And then I really want to bring my analog Zenit, since I loved the shots I took with it (you can read about it HERE). Hopefully I'll get it all packed perfectly. 
I can do this.

from: New Yorker 

 from: Primark

 from: Primark

cozy warm goodies from: Primark

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  1. Adoro o padrão das camisolas!! :)

  2. adorei o padrão da primeira camisola, é tão gira!

  3. Estava prestes a comentar em inglês quando reparei nos comentários :)
    Não conhecia o teu blog mas gosto muito, já estou a seguir! ;)

    Internacional Giveaway on my blog! ♥


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