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Sharing Love at the Eiffel Tower

This is how my birthday in Paris ended. After an amazing day spent in Versailles (see here), me and my loved one made our way to the Eiffel Tower, to have a look on the city at night and end the day in a very special way.

Before the Eiffel, I managed to spend a little time with one of my history based Facebook page - Medieval and Renaissance Whispers - fans! She was a sweetheart, and she wanted to meet me, once she knew I was spending some days in Paris. I was so bummed that we didn't get much time together, though. And I totally forgot to take a picture with her. Anyway, it was lovely, and made me appreciate my page and its fans.

We went up to the second floor, it was freezing but the view was breathtaking, nevertheless. Even though it was at night, there was still a feeling of accomplishment, as if there was everything I wished for. 
After some photos (pardon my lack of ability to make a good long-exposure), I realized that there was some locks, from couples who decided to leave there their love lock. 
I was carrying one from me and my boyfriend, since I always wanted to leave it at the Pont des Arts, the bridge where loved ones leave their locks, as a symbol of their lasting love. I just didn't have the chance yet to leave it there, so I carried it with me on my birthday, just to make sure I had it if we passed by the bridge that day.
The view was so beautiful, I just had the best time at Versailles so I realized that it was the best spot to leave our lock. No words can describe what I felt. It was really special, and of course I cried, because I'm an emotional crybaby. 

The day couldn't end any better than this. Perfect.

Can you identify a face that just cried happy tears? =)

So we left our lock in there. It says "M+F", the date (24.11.2013) and "Strange World"(writen on each side of the lock) which I consider to be the song that is the perfect description of our relationship. Cheesy enough? I'm sorry. I'm not usually like this, but I feel I should share.

And yes, on my birhday I always manage to see my "floating lanterns".

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  1. Que aniversário fantástico que tu tiveste!!!
    Adorei as fotos, são lindas!



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